Eileen, Program Director at Woodstock, RN, has 34 years of nursing experience. She also practices holistic nursing utilizing a mind, body, and spirit approach when working with our clients and their families.

Todd has been with Family Alliance for over a year as a Co-Program Director. Todd has a passion for the geriatric population and recently completed two studies on the use of Narrative Group Therapy with older adults. Todd is also a full-time faculty member at George Williams College where he teaches multiple courses and is the adviser for the Healthcare Specialization. Todd enjoys biking, cooking, and being outdoors.

Cynthia, Bilingual CNA at Woodstock, has been working for Family Alliance for 5 years. She brings in 12 years of CNA experience with a background on Spanish interpretation and translation. She has been trained as a bilingual support group Alzheimer’s Advocate and is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Human Services. She is also a member of the Cultural marketing task force at Family Alliance.

Christina has been with Family Alliance for over 12 years as a Day Program Planner. Christina’s area of expertise is in the development and implementation of our Montessori programs that are designed to help clients at all levels of interest and functioning. Christina is known for her caring approach and kindness to our participants. Christina loves animals, spa group, relaxation groups and mind and body approaches. She is a nature lover at heart. She takes great joy in working with our participants.

Rudy has been with Family Alliance for nearly 4 years as a Day Program Planner. Rudy’s area of expertise is running spirituality programs which are very well attended by our participants. Rudy has a friendly and open approach, and participants often comment on his sense of humor. He always knows how to get a laugh. Rudy is an avid exerciser, loves dancing and music. He is a highly analytical thinker who uses his skills to be a vital part of our team. Rudy is currently studying Psychology and Philosophy at an area college.

Linda has been with Family Alliance for over a year as our Kitchen Coordinator. An expert cook, Linda won a national award in 2009 for her Carmel Apple Walnut Pound Cake. She has a passion for cooking and loves to see our participants enjoy her many kitchen creations. She enjoys spending time with her family and is an avid reader.

Pam has been with Family Alliance for nearly 2 years as our Day Program Nurse. Pam has many years of experience as a nurse and has a special interest in nutritional wellness. She is pivotal in our participant nutritional wellness training program, advising and teaching our participants about proper nutrition. Pam is an avid learner and regularly take courses to advance her learning and personal/professional development.


Ashley has joined the Huntley team as the Day Program Manager. Ashley started out as an intern at the Woodstock location in June 2016. She has since graduated with her Masters in Social Work from George William College of Aurora University. She is also a graduate of UW-Whitewater and had recently worked at The Alzheimer’s Association in West Allis, Wisconsin. Ashley is an advocate for the senior population and is passionate about what she does. In her free time, Ashley enjoys spending time hiking, kayaking, playing board games, and spending time with her family.

Mary has been the Day Program Nurse at Huntley for over 2 ½ years. She has 44 years of RN experience and loves working with older adults and their families to coordinate services. She utilizes mind and body exercises with the clients to decrease anxiety. She is very knowledgeable about community resources and area facilities and works with families on transition planning.

Beth has been with Family Alliance for just over 6 months as Huntley’s Kitchen Coordinator. Beth loves to bake and cook great tasting foods. She has a natural ability to get the clients involved with cooking and baking. In the spring, she plans on starting a garden club as well! In her free time, you will find Beth outdoors enjoying the weather.

Brenda, CNA at Huntley

Stephanie, CNA at Huntley

Debra, CNA at Huntley