Who do I contact if I or someone I know may need services provided by Family Alliance?

Call (815) 338-3590 our receptionist will guide you to the appropriate staff member.

How do I know if the Family Alliance day program is the right option for us?

Family Alliance provides care during the day, enabling caregivers time to work, run errands, rest, and generally maintain a lifestyle that defines quality of life for them. If your goal is to keep your care recipient home for as long as possible, Family Alliance services help. Our day rooms are staffed with trained medical and clinical professionals who are caring, respectful, creative, fun and compassionate. Behavioral health counselors are on hand as well to provide counseling as needed.

If the service I need is urgent, how long will it take for a staff member to contact me?

For non-emergency referrals, contact will be made within three working days. Next-day service is optimal but not always possible. When there is an urgent problem/need, the person who called will be contacted on the same day.

Where is Family Alliance located?

Family Alliance has two locations offering most of the same services: in Woodstock at 2028 N. Seminary Avenue and in Huntley at 12555 Farm Hill Drive, Suite 800.

How do I learn about the Adult Day Health Program?

  1. Go to the Adult Day Health Program web page.
  2. Call to schedule a mini-tour of our program.


  • A 20 to 30 minute mini-tour is set up for persons interested in seeing the program to assess if it will help meet their needs.
  • A staff member will provide an overview of the services.
  • Program fees and other financial information are reviewed at this time.
  • Referrals to meet other identified needs may also be given.

Persons interested in attending the day program are scheduled for an “intake interview.”

  • For the interview, the client or family are asked to bring the following information:
  • Social Security Card
  • Medicare Card
  • Insurance Card
  • Copy of Power of Attorney
  • Medication List
  • Emergency Contact List

How long is a day at Family Alliance?

Day programs at both locations run from 9am to 4 pm.

How many days per week are the day services offered?

The day programs are offered Monday through Friday. The facility closes for most major holidays.

How much does the day program cost?

Costs vary with each individual’s situation, ability to pay, access to coverages and income levels. Intake coordinators can meet with the family to evaluate and provide estimates.

What coverages does Family Alliance accept for the day program?

Senior Services through the Illinois Dept. on Aging will do an assessment if contacted and if the person meets the criteria may provide funds for day program.
Medicare and Medicare supplemental do not pay for day program even if a physician has written an order.
If the care recipient is a US veteran, the V.A. may pay for two days a week, if referred from a V.A. physician.
To begin day program a client will need a T.B. test which can be done at Family Alliance and a physical from their physician.

Does Family Alliance offer transportation?

A transportation option is offered for persons participating in the day program who live within McHenry or Kane counties and can be picked up and dropped off within certain time frames.

Is there a temporary or occasional care day service option?

Occasional care is offered one to five days per week. Also, attendance for half-a-day is an option. In either case, transportation would need to be arranged by the family.

Can someone guide me on how to be a home caregiver?

Family Alliance offers caregiver support in a few different ways. Free caregiver support groups take place monthly throughout McHenry County, including at our Woodstock and Huntley sites and occasionally at other partner sites. For more information, see our caregiver support page.

In addition to the respite our day programs provide, enabling you to recharge your batteries and be at your best, we also offer a program that helps when the stresses and changes of life impact our quality of life. Read more about our Life Transitions Counseling services.

What if I or my family member(s) need therapy, counseling, community support, or psychiatric services?

Family Alliance provides behavioral health services to the whole community. If you are interested in these services please call our main line and our receptionist will refer you to the appropriate clinician for information or to schedule an interview. If you are already receiving other services from Family Alliance and feel some of these additional services would be beneficial, please contact your primary clinician here at Family Alliance.

If I or a family member receive services from Family Alliance, what can I expect in the way of client care?

  • Assessment of individual care needs
  • Development of individualized treatment plan
  • Medication dispensing and monitoring*
  • Assessment of progress
  • Clinical staffing on progress
  • Treatment plan review and revision
  • Education and support
  • Crisis intervention*
  • Referral to other community agency resources
  • Community Support
  • Skills Building
    *as appropriate
  • Clients of Family Alliance, Inc. may terminate services at any time but will be financially responsible for any client share related to services already rendered. We recommend notifying the appropriate service staff of any such decisions.
  • All clients of Family Alliance are informed of and given a copy of their client rights. All services are provided in accordance with these rights. If anyone is ever displeased with services received, he/she is encouraged to utilize the grievance process to inform the agency of those issues.

Is Family Alliance a Non-Profit?

Family Alliance is a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation which pursues funding from local, State, and Federal sources as well as private foundations, corporations and individual contributors. The consumers we serve also provide fees to Family Alliance either directly, or through private insurance or other forms of coverage, as appropriate.


Thank you for your interest in Family Alliance, we look forward to serving you!