Counseling for Major Life Changes Offered By Family Alliance New “Life Transitions Counseling” service free to McHenry County residents

Family Alliance is announcing the launch of a new service that will provide counseling, support and connections to help persons struggling with major life changes such as retirement, bereavement, caregiving, divorce, physical illness, job loss, empty nest, moving, foreclosure and financial issues, and memory concerns, to name a few. In many cases, persons are struggling with more than one of these changes at the same time.

Brief counseling intervention at the right time can help these individuals to maintain healthy functioning through these transitions.
Signs that an individual might be right for this type of counseling can include an inability to fall asleep because of worry, disinterest in normal activities, avoiding people, and disinterest in eating, or eating for comfort, and so on. Some even start thinking about suicide. Persons experiencing these feelings or exhibiting these behaviors should seek help, advises Gale Harris, LCSW, a counselor at Family Alliance.

“Don’t wait, because symptoms may worsen, or you may begin to feel hopeless and powerless to do anything at all,” she says.
Interested persons should contact Family Alliance at (815) 338-3590 to inquire about Life Transition Counseling services.

“The focus of this type of counseling is to help you adjust to the new normal, develop coping skills to improve resiliency and, sometimes, to find a new purpose for your life.” Harris says.
The outpatient service, which is funded by the Mental Health Board of McHenry County is free to McHenry County residents. It is offered at both the Woodstock and Huntley Family Alliance sites.