Volunteering at Family Alliance

Senior and young women holding hands

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Family Alliance! Your assistance helps seniors to remain at home, as well as helping their home caregivers to be at their best.

We use a variety of resources for recruiting and vetting our volunteers. Any of the below links will provide a way for you to get involved in the work of Family Alliance. Read the summary for each of these coordination agencies to determine which might be right for you to get started in helping us pursue our mission.

RSVP – The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program  – a network of service programs for persons age 55 who wish to apply their life experience to meeting community needs. Locally, it is administered by Senior Services Associates and recruits interest from residents of McHenry and Kane counties.

Volunteer Center of McHenry County – a volunteer and item donor information service for McHenry County area residents who want to get an idea of what non-profit needs exist locally. At their web site, agencies like Family Alliance who post needs related to volunteerism and item donations. You can peruse their volunteer needs and item wish lists pages for listings of the needs of non-profits throughout McHenry County.

SER SCEP – an employment and training transition program exclusively for lower income individuals age 55 or older with low employment prospects. The program provides temporary, subsidized income for qualifying McHenry County residents while providing hands-on training in an area non-profit organization (such as Family Alliance) that has registered to participate in the training program.  Participants are placed in part-time community service assignments to gain the experience they need in order to be placed into permanent, unsubsidized, productive employment in the open job market.  Participants commit to seeking permanent employment as a condition of enrollment. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. Interested persons should contact Karina Maksimova at (708) 308-6166 or email her at kmaksimova@ser-national.org.